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With ERP Modules, Leather Manufacturing Companies Running Business Efficiently

So far, we have covered the benefits of using ERP software in leather manufacturing companies and SMEs. Surprisingly, the list is so long that it is hard to cover each and every ERP module in one or two-piece of writing. Therefore, this particular piece will also highlight the benefits of using different ERP modules to run your leather manufacturing companies and SME’s successfully. Let’s take a closer look at these modules.

Purchase & Supplier Module: The purchase and supplier modules are two individual modules of the ERP software but they work in cohesion. The purchase module is also known as the procurement module and it helps in automating a number of activities involved in the purchase process ranging from managing order requests, maintaining stock levels, negotiating with suppliers to checking inventory, preparing work orders, etc.On the other hand, the supplier module gives tremendous control over the business to manufacturing companies by maintaining good relations with suppliers and maintaining a level of transparency in each transaction. The ERP software with supplier module helps in streamlining communication by keeping suppliers informed at each and every step and allowing companies to maintain purchase activities in line with the suppliers’ capacities and capabilities.

Sampling Module: The sampling module helps in different stages of production and minimizes the loss by keeping a record of a number of things. With the help of the sampling module, management can easily perform the following functions:

1.   Able to maintain complete sample information such as current price, anticipated sales volume, estimated time required to produce a sample, etc.

2.   Easily maintain complete information about the existing customer or new prospect.

3.   Able to keep track of costs associated with a particular sample both in a detailed or summarized manner.

4.   Relate samples with production batches and BOM easily.

5.   Accurately maintain a detailed record of all communication exchanged with customers regarding a sample request.

6.   Able to maintain documents related to sampling requests and providing them as and when required.

When all these pieces of information are handy, businesses can work with greater efficiency.

Costing Module: Determining the right cost of any leather product is one of the major challenges the top management face. They need to set a cost price of any product in such a manner that it is beneficial for the company and even acceptable to customers. With a cloud-based ERP costing module, a SME can easily set up the right cost that helps in achieving higher margins. The advanced costing module of ERP allows management to fix the price after considering various costs such as set up charges, labor, margins, mark-ups, etc. This module also helps in determining the right packaging configuration to obtain the highest profits and even making real-time adjustments impacting cost during production or product development.

Production & Shop Floor Module: Empower your shop floor personnel by providing them key pieces of business information at their fingertips. The production and shop floor module of the ERP software provides information such as manufacturing performance, quality details, efficiency, etc., in an easy-to-read format. Such information allows shop floor personnel to remain proactive, streamlining the production process and manage the entire work order life cycle by taking necessary actions. This module even helps in scaling up the production, producing expected yields, reducing wastage and controlling losses by streamlining the multi-level production process and keeping shop floor personnel informed about the ongoing production process.

Last but not the least, ERP module helps Small Medium Enterprises in effective business management by managing each and every business process ranging from Human Resources, Order, Quality to Inventory.  The top management can easily get any information from each department with the help of ERP software

So, it is evident that leather manufacturing companies or SME’s require advanced cloud-based ERP software to run the business profitably. Contact Webcity Technologies LLP to get robust, scalable, and customized ERP Solutions suiting your unique business needs. It is one of the market leaders in offering off-the-shelf and customized ERP solutions to leather manufacturing companies and SMEs resulting in business growth. 

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