OMR Solution

We are one of the pioneers and key providers of Optical Mark Recognition or OMR as it is fondly called.

OMR as we have all given surveys or taken tests with objective type answers, it is basically a way of registering human marked data from the answers or responses given as the case maybe.

Earliest forms of OMR include paper tape and punch cards.

So whether you are a coaching institute, school or a college giving exams or mock tests to students or an agency taking surveys on behalf of an organization or the organization itself help us help you.

Hassle free and easy to integrate system that helps you capture the right data and focus on the necessary information.

OMR software will capture the data from the OMR sheet where responses are received whether checklists, answers, attendance or survey.

We provide services to one and all and have a proven track record with coaching institutes, schools, colleges and data collection agencies.

We help collect data as follows:

  • Institutional research
  • Surveys- Community/ Consumer
  • Mock Test/ Assessments
  • Evaluations and Feedback
  • Data Compile
  • Evaluation of products