Domain & Web Hosting

Domain name in layman language is an interent device such as a personal computer used to access the internet or a server hosting a website or the website itself.

The name that a site visitor uses to visit your website is called domain name. So basically the process to view a website by a user is nothing but domain name usage.

We provide this domain name services as all the businesses online are listed as domains. Computers talk to each other like numbers of a phone book or telephone through IP addresses and all searches happen through these given domain names which are unique.

Web hosting services on the other hand is somewhat similar to the house one buys/ rents to live in. It includes only the amount of space across which the website is present online and not the specific site to sell one’s products. This is what allows your website accessible via World Wide Web.

Personal web site hosting is backed by advertizement sponsorship and is alomost free and very cheap. Business website costs can differ and be more expensive as per size and need.

We provide basic services like web page and small cale hosting. Files are uploaded through a web interface of a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This can be of use to you for your personal web pages.

The more complex a website gets we offer comprehensive packages including database support, website hosting for a year as well as application development platforms.