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best ERP software for manufacturing companies

Best ERP Software for Manufacturing Companies in India

If you really think that you are spending too much time managing important business functions, then Webcity Technologies LLP  ERP for manufacturing companies comes to your rescue. With its unique features, it provides innumerable ways to manage your business in a simpler manner. These features are fully-integrated, highly comprehensive and easy to use in different departments and at different levels. So, let’s take a look at 3 distinguishing features of ERP which make it a reliable software pick for any business.

Why Webcity's ERP software is suitable for Leather Manufacturers?

1. Effective User Management: The internal employees of the company, who are using the software in day-to-day functioning, is considered its users. With the help of the admin panel, innumerable numbers of people can become users of ERP. Their profile creation, access to different departments, rights to work in which ERP modules, etc., are clearly mentioned so that they can use the software smoothly and efficiently. An important point necessary to highlight is every user will be an employee of the company but not every employee can become a user of the ERP.

2. Security: In order to reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks and breaches, the company offers multi-level security with both off-the-shelf and customized ERP software. The security aspect of the ERP is segregated into parameters like system-based and form-based which distributes permissions, automates rights-related processes, and even reviews user access. Because not all ERP users have the same responsibilities and roles, therefore access is granted based on their roles and actions.
The form-based authentication implies that the users of the specific department can operate it. For instance, employees of the purchasing department only can have access to PO (purchase order) form and they can only create it. Similarly, users dealing with raw materials can only create a raw material form in the ERP, and so on. All these features aim at restricting unauthorized access to the ERP.

3. E-mailing: It is possible to create module-wise email settings in the ERP and send emails to suppliers directly by attaching necessary documents. For instance, when any purchasing department creates a PO, it usually sends the printout of the same to the concerned party either by a courier or converts the file into PDF and then sent it from his personal email ID. But with the high-end feature of email configuration of the ERP, the users can send an email by attaching the external important documents and send it to the concerned person then and there only.
This results in saving time and completing the work at that moment only. For carrying out formal communication between different departments, different kinds of email IDs are created for different departments. The email setting feature is managed on the user end and it is possible to create innumerable user email IDs for any department. With this capability, important information and documents are easy to pass on timely through the Email integration feature.

Webcity Technologies offers best-in-class ERP for manufacturing companies

Leather manufacturing industries find it difficult to work profitably without using ERP software. The reason is it helps in managing myriad businesses’ functions right from inventory, and purchase to sale. Not only big-scale manufacturing companies, but even SMEs’ are also implementing ERP software to run their leather manufacturing unit successfully. Webcity Technologies LLP offers customized ERP software systems, which are power-packed with high-end features. The ERP system of the company provides immense support by managing inventory, suppliers, and manufacturing altogether. Let’s take a quick look at some of its salient features:

1. Multiple Unit Measurement: Goods Receipt Note (GRN) is an internal document validating goods received as per PO (purchase order) raised by the company. It even acts as valid proof of physical receipt of goods from suppliers. With an effective ERP in place, the companies, as well as suppliers, get the flexibility to notify raw materials in different units. The company easily tracks the raw material inventory in different units of measurement as the ERP easily manages all conversions. 

2. Batched Inventory: Raw materials received from different suppliers are segregated lot-wise. The software even gives suggestions to consume raw materials lot-wise by considering factors like purchasing date, expiration dates, and other details. This helps in making data-driven decisions quickly. 

3. Documents Attached with GRN: Suppliers need not send important documents separately via email; they can attach necessary documents with GRN for future reference. Another useful feature is the quick test. This feature of the ERP ensures that the raw materials are received in adherence to the client’s requirements. Users can define the parameters of quick tests as per their requirements. 

4. Store In-Pass: This particular feature of ERP is helpful to manufacturing companies in multiple ways. It allows them to keep different kinds of leather goods such as shoes, saddlery, etc., in multiple stores to avoid any confusion. Even in multiple stores, the mapping of raw materials is done via racking along with an image of the goods. The racking ensures that the goods received from different suppliers are placed in different racks.

5. Quality Checks: When the goods are stored rack-wise, it becomes easy to know the raw material of which supplier belongs to the best and the worst quality. To add further, ERP facilitates using raw materials in multiple ways i.e. as per work plan or as per sample need. It is possible to make stock adjustments in the ERP so that the physical stock quantity match with the quantity of the stock mentioned in the ERP by making necessary adjustments.

6. Stock Reserve: To ensure that there would be no shortage of raw material and it is easy to even process urgent orders, ERP is equipped with a stock reserve feature. This feature gives an aggregated view of stock in place, which stock to use for producing which leather goods, and from where to take out stock to fulfill the urgent orders’ requirements. This ensures continuous production and improved business productivity.

7. Reporting: It becomes easy to identify the bottlenecks in the manufacturing process and take corrective actions when insightful reports are handy. With reporting, get easy access to a number of reports such as stock summary, raw materials status as of date, raw material reserve report, consumption of raw materials month and project wise, etc. 

This software application is robust, scalable, and highly customizable. It is not wrong to say that these are some factors increasing the demand for the ERP of Webcity Technologies LLP in the marketplace. Leather manufacturing SMEs and industries experience immense benefits by incorporating software into their business functioning. So, if you have any such requirements, get in touch with the company’s professionals and they ensure to customize the software as per your business operations.