Search Engine Optimization

So you have that swanky looking website. You think that now the job is done… You are at peace of mind and think that online traffic in the world will come to your website and that you have done your bit!

Think again? A notion that most businesses have and which needs to be put to rest once and for all.

No matter how creative, good looking, interactive, user friendly and easy to use website you have it does not guarantee that customers will find you and reach out to you and use your services. This cannot be stressed enough.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as most of us know it is a process that helps to give your business views and get it in the top ranking pages in a search engine may it be google, yahoo, Bing or others.

It has been widely noticed that customers when they go the internet for information tend to find the relevant one on the first page itself. No one has the patience, time and energy to scroll to beyond one or maximum a couple of pages.

The relevant principle is to use "keywords" that help identify your business and tie up to what customers key in for their search. The top ranking links are available to view on the first page itself. We help you be there so that customers target you over your competitors.

We optimize your website for submission in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. We work continuously to maintain your website ranking in first page of the results.

It's an internet marketing strategy that helps you decipher what people search for and what words are used by targeted audience. Accordingly, one can tune their business and appear at the top at the customer’s ready service.

How we help:

  • Client and business profile and service understanding
  • Keyword listing of frequently used ones by surfers across search engines
  • Website changes to integrate in existing interface without disturbing look and feel
  • Use of keywords across website
  • Proper placement of keywords on your pages
  • Registering business website on all major search engines
  • Monitoring search engine placement- keyword usage
  • Continuous analysis and optimization of website
  • Changes as and when required